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Gensil 605 (unavailable)
R605 - Mould Release - Paintable
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Gensil Paste 12
R12PA - High Performance Silicone Paste
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Gensil Paste 13
R13PA - Silicone Based Heat Transfer Compound
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999 - Oradeg Emulsifying Degreasing Oil
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Orastar 401
General Purpose Machining Fluid
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1081 - Multi purpose Cutting Paste
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Release Spray 601
R601 - Silicone Mould Release Agent / Lubricant
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Silfax E4 Food Grade
Silicone Release Agent - Food Grade
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Silicone Oil Food Grade
Silicone Oil Food Grade ISO 50, 100, 350, 500, 1000
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3-in-1 Zinc Gal Spray Etch Prime and Coat Suitable for Powder Coating Excellent metal protection and cold galv
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